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CM_21062_sm_SuppFig1.jpg1336KFigure S1. Cytoplasmic F-actin assembles into a cloud-like structure during the first mitosis. Samples were processed as in Figure 1, except embryos were permeabilized for 30 minutes, and no blocking solution or antibodies were added. The actin network was detected by Alex Fluor 488 phalloidin. Arrows indicate the actin cloud. Scale bar represents 50µm.
CM_21062_sm_SuppFig2.jpg533KFigure S2. The actin network does not show much of the co-localization with the nuclear membrane protein Lamin B. The mouse zygote was stained with Alexa Fluor-conjugated phalloidin and Lamin B antibody to reveal the actin network and the pronuclear membrane. Scale bar represents 50µm.
CM_21062_sm_SuppFig3.jpg1905KFigure S3. Spindle relocation procedure. Centrally positioned mitotic spindles were visualized using the Oosight Spindle View Imaging System and were micromanipulated to the sub-cortical region using a micropipette controlled by a micromanipulator (I to IV).

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