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Labeling of multiple cell lines using a new iron oxide agent for cell tracking by MRI


P. J. Foster, Imaging Research Laboratory, Robarts Research Institute, c/o The University of Western Ontario, 100 Perth Dr., Rm 1200B, London, ON, Canada.



Stem cells, cancer cells and immune cells were labeled by co-incubation with a new ultra-small iron oxide nanoparticle called Molday ION Rhodamine-B (MIRB). Iron staining, fluorescence imaging, transmission electron microscopy and flow cytometry were used to assess cell viability, function and labeling efficiency. This study has shown that MIRB can be used to label both adherent and nonadherent cell lines, with high viability and loading levels sufficient for their detection in vivo by MRI at 3 T. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.