The American Cancer Society and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., publisher of Cancer and Cancer Cytopathology, announce the launch of Web-based rapid access publication. This new feature will provide online publication ahead of print for journal articles for Cancer Cytopathology. This effort will provide the latest in science for our readers with an effort to improve patient care and enhance communication between clinicians and researchers.

Beginning with the February 2002 issue of Cancer Cytopathology, manuscripts, as they are accepted, will be sent to Wiley for publication of the online version. The details of the process are as follows. The Editorial Office sends manuscripts to Wiley, one at a time, as they are accepted. Authors will also receive page proofs for corrections and questions to be answered. Wiley will send any color proofs for the article to the principal editor so that these proofs may be checked and adjustments made as needed. When the corrected page proofs have been returned, an unpaginated html file for each article, in the order in which they are received, will be posted online. These completed articles will reside in a “forthcoming articles” issue folder on the Wiley website. When the entire issue is posted online, that is all the allocated pages have been used, the articles will be sequenced for the print issue and appropriate page numbers and categories will be assigned. The revised version of the html file, containing the final page numbers, will replace the earlier version on the website. The PDF file of the printed pages will also be posted on the website at that time. The articles then will appear with the proper issue cover, date, and volume/issue number.

Cancer Cytopathology has been very fortunate to receive a good stream of high quality manuscripts. With the introduction of the Cadmus Rapid Review Web-based manuscript review process online, it has been possible through the diligent efforts of our associate and corresponding editors, and the editorial office, to significantly decrease the turnaround time from receipt to acceptance of manuscripts. However, because of budgeted page limitations, and the bimonthly publication schedule for Cancer Cytopathology, there has been a steady increase in the time from receipt of manuscripts to their publication. With the close cooperation of our authors, editors, and our editorial office, following return of corrected proofs, the accepted manuscripts should be available on line within four to nine days. The editor believes rapid publication online will make available high quality scientific papers in a more timely manner, disseminate the science more widely, make the articles available more rapidly for citation, and continue the growth in interest in Cancer Cytopathology. The editor encourages authors to submit their best papers to the journal. For more information regarding Cancer and Cancer Cytopathology, readers and contributors may check the website at: