Jones BA, Patterson EA, Calvocoressi L. Mammography screening in African American women: evaluating the research. Cancer. (2003) 97(1 Suppl):258–272.


The original article to which this Erratum refers was published in Cancer (2003) 97(1 Suppl) 258–72

In the article cited above, the published article did not incorporate all author corrections due to a production error. Although the results remain unchanged, we are clarifying the errors in this erratum. Note that the author will be able to distribute reprints which reflect these corrections.

On page 259, column 2, under heading “Clinical trial data” the first sentence contains reference citations that are no longer correct. The fifth line should begin “… aged 50–69 years, whereas the benefits to younger women are controversial.3,10

On page 260, column 1, 3rd paragraph, beginning “Race-specific information…”, the acronym in parentheses should be (NBCCEDP).

On page 266, column 1, under heading “Hormonal,” the last sentence of the first paragraph : “bonding” should be changed to “binding.”

On page 266, column 2, under heading “Adequacy of Current Screening…”, in the first sentence, reference 23 should be changed to reference 45.

On page 267, column 1, in the first sentence, reference 107 should be changed to reference 112.

The corrected verison of Table 1, containing corrected reference citations, is reprinted on the following page.

The publisher regrets these errors.