Color atlas of oral diseases

George Laskaris


Color atlas of oral diseases. 3rd edition. Laskaris G. New York: Thieme, 2003. Price: $149.00.

This is the third edition of a comprehensive atlas on diseases of the oral cavity; the last edition was written in 1994. This clinical reference textbook in oral medicine clearly illustrates current diseases of the oral mucosa and concisely describes the etiology, differential diagnosis, laboratory diagnostic tests, and therapy associated with each disease. Its primary audience should be medical and dental clinicians who are interested in intraoral mucosal diseases.

This book features high-quality photographs of and diagnostic background information concerning diseases of the oral cavity and related disease entities. The author, Dr. George Laskaris, has once again prepared an exceptional textbook aimed at assisting the healthcare professional in diagnosing stomatologic conditions and offers a discussion of current treatment options.

This popular textbook is an authoritative reference on oral diseases and is written in a user-friendly format. With a tremendous increase in scientific knowledge taking place over the past several decades, concisely written textbooks in modern medicine are most beneficial. This color atlas contains practical up-to-date information that is presented in a succinct manner. With 777 brilliant illustrations, this 400-page atlas describes those diseases of the oral cavity that are encountered both frequently and infrequently in clinical practice and provides the clinician with the data needed to initiate a definitive diagnosis. Each condition is described with a brief overview of the basic disease process, as well as the clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, laboratory findings, and currently accepted treatment strategy. This is an incredibly useful resource for clinicians interested in oral medicine and the oral manifestations of systemic diseases. From normal anatomic variations to malignancy, this invaluable atlas presents an inclusive review of diseases of the oral mucosa and current diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.