As of this issue, the American Cancer Society (Society), our publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Wiley), and the American Society for Cytopathology (ASC) have come together in a new collaboration that will make Cancer Cytopathology the official journal of the ASC. The Society and Wiley are excited about this new association, which will allow CancerCytopathology to reach a wider audience both in print and online. To mark this collaboration, the journal cover now contains the ASC logo in addition to the Society and Wiley logos.

This new collaboration will increase the readership by providing voting members of the ASC with subscriptions to the journal as well as providing reduced rates for nonvoting members. The Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President of the ASC also will be invited to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for 1-year terms. The editorial policies of the journal, which are set by the Society and the Principal Editor, will remain unchanged.

The mission of Cancer Cytopathology continues to be to bring to our readers peer-reviewed scientific information focused specifically on cytopathology and related disciplines from both national and international sources of specialties in oncology. This objective can be fulfilled only through the journal receiving quality articles and in-depth and timely reviews. The lifeblood of the journal therefore remains the investigators who are willing to submit their work for peer review. It is equally important for this mission to have a large and competent group of reviewers.

To the ASC members who have now joined the Cancer Cytopathology readership, I encourage you, both medical and cytotechnologists, to think about becoming reviewers for the journal. I believe you will find this activity interesting and intellectually rewarding. Reviewing articles is a process requiring dedication, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness, but the results are publications of the highest order. Your participation, as well as that of all our readers, will help to enhance the quality of Cancer Cytopathology.

The journal continues to do well, publishing accepted articles directly to the World Wide Web, generally 6–8 weeks ahead of the printed issue. This is an obvious advantage in disseminating new information in a more timely fashion and is certainly the trend among major publishers of scientific journals. Articles published online ahead of print are fully citable and remain the article of record. The publication of articles to the World Wide Web ahead of print, along with the Rapid Review system used for online manuscript submission and peer review, are significant factors in maintaining the efficiency and timeliness of the journal.

I wish to acknowledge the strong support of not only the American Cancer Society and John Wiley & Sons but also our devoted readership. Likewise, I welcome input from the membership of the ASC, for Cancer Cytopathology is now your journal as well.