• T-PLL;
  • T-LGL;
  • ATLL;
  • biology;
  • therapy


Mature T-cell and NK-cell leukemias are a group of relatively uncommon neoplasms derived from mature or postthymic T-cells accounting for a relatively small percentage of lymphoid malignancies. The recent availability of modern immunophenotypic and molecular tools has allowed a better distinction of these disorders from their B-cell counterparts. Similarly, identification of recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities, as well as plausible mechanisms through which these molecular events influence cellular signaling pathways, have created further insight into the pathogenesis of these disorders. Furthermore, the availability of new agents such as alemtuzumab has generated significant interest in devising specific therapeutic strategies for these malignancies. Herein, we review the clinical and pathological features of mature T-cell leukemias. Cancer 2005. © 2005 American Cancer Society.