Erratum: Activity and Tolerability of Nilotinib: A Retrospective Multicenter Analysis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Who Are Imatinib Resistant or Intolerant



This article corrects:

  1. Activity and tolerability of nilotinib Volume 116, Issue 19, 4564–4572, Article first published online: 19 August 2010

Several errors appeared in article and are corrected below.

In the section entitled Baseline ABL Kinase Domain Mutations, on page 4, the correct numbers for ABL kinase domain mutation in patients with imatinib resistance should be 20 of 56. On page 6 of this section, two statements were listed incorrectly. These sentences should have read: In this subgroup, CHR was newly achieved in 57%, major cytogenetic response in 29%, and major molecular response in 0%. These rates were not significantly different from the rates of responses in patients with neither kinase domain mutations nor other cytogenetic abnormalities (CHR, 80%; partial cytogenetic response, 56%; major molecular response, 19%; P = .79).

In the footnote to Table 1, PCyR should have been defined as partial cytogenetic response. Here and in the footnote to Table 2, CCyR should have been defined as complete cytogenetic response.

The legend for Figure 2 should have read: Overall survival and progression-free survival rates in CP compared to advanced phase patients (A and C, respectively) and in imatinib-resistant compared to imatinib-intolerant patients (B and D, respectively).

In Table 3, the footnote symbol following E255K and L387M should be b which a corresponding footnote reading one patient had both. An additional mutation should have appeared as follows.

E355G IC50 NA 1 SD

IC_50_ was incorrectly defined in the paper. In the legends to Tables 2 and 3 and on page 6, IC_50_ should have been defined as half maximal inhibitory concentration.

The authors regret these errors.