We appreciate the interest in our article1 expressed by Drs. Bertsch and Kretschmer, as they have raised 2 interesting points. We defined capsular invasion as presence of melanoma cells in the capsule of the sentinel lymph node (SLN). This might have different reasons, and we agree with Dr. Bertsch that further research is necessary to better define this feature, which could result in defined subgroups as suggested by Dr. Bertsch. Furthermore, we appreciate the comment of Dr. Bertsch that in his patient also, collective capsular invasion of the melanoma SLN is of prognostic importance, substantiating our findings in another independent group of patients.


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    Meier A, Satzger I, Völker B, Kapp A. Gutzmer R. Comparison of classification systems in melanoma sentinel lymph nodes: an analysis of 697 patients from a single center. Cancer. 2010; 116: 3178-3188.