• adjuvant;
  • chemotherapy;
  • hormone receptors;
  • gene expression;
  • breast cancer



Breast Health International and the Kimmel Cancer Center of Thomas Jefferson University cosponsored a consensus conference that included an international group of experts.


Since the adoption of adjuvant chemotherapy for stage I, lymph node-negative breast cancers in 1988, investigators have tried to “fine-tune” the treatment criteria. At this consensus conference, the group debated recommendations for adjuvant hormone and cytotoxic chemotherapy in stage I breast cancers.


Discussions during the conference addressed issues of adjuvant therapy for stage I breast cancer and the influence of multigene analyses and molecular phenotyping. The panelists discussed various demographic, morphologic, biologic, and genetic factors expressed by individual tumors and their influence on treatment decisions.


The panel tried to create guidelines for the consideration of adjuvant treatment of these patients, including both hormone and cytotoxic regimens. They also encouraged further research into the molecular analysis of breast cancers and the introduction of clinical trials based on current data, although they concluded that it is too early to add any of those analyses into the decision-making algorithms of recommendations for the treatment of stage I breast cancer. Cancer 2012;. © 2012 American Cancer Society.