Butt Z, Peipert J, Webster K, Chen C, Cella D. General population norms for the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy—Kidney Symptom Index (FKSI). Cancer. 2013;119:429-37.

In Table 5, the entry currently shown as “Pain disturbance” should instead read “Pain interference.”

Table 5. General Health-Related Quality of Life (N = 2000)a
 Mean (SD)Median
  • a

    Except for pain intensity, ail scores standardized to mean (standard deviation [SD]) = 50 (10), based on respective normative samples. Pain intensity score, based on a single 0 to 10 rating, was not transformed.

  • Abbreviations: PROMIS-29, 29-item Patient Reported Outcomes Measure-ment Information System instrument; SF-36, Short Form 36.

SF-36 version 2 scores (standardized)  
 Mental component summary47.7 (12.3)50.8
 Physical component summary46.1 (11.2)48.6
PROMIS-29 scores (standardized)  
 Physical function50.5 (10.0)49.0
 Anxiety50.1 (10.3)48.9
 Depression47.3 (9.7)46.4
 Fatigue47.9 (9.2)48.1
 Sleep disturbance52.0 (10.0)52.4
 Satisfaction with social role49.3 (10.1)49.9
 Pain interference49.2 (9.2)49.6
 Pain intensity3.0 (2.6)2.0

The corrected table appears below.

The authors regret this error.