In January 2013, we will debut a new monthly format that represents the natural evolution of our journal from 6 issues to 12 issues per year. We will initiate this new schedule with another dynamite issue that highlights what Cancer Cytopathology strives to do with every issue: provide the best of cutting-edge research; highlight new paradigms of practice; and review important concepts, techniques, and diagnoses.

Since Cancer Cytopathology launched in 1997, its focus has been to provide rapid and accurate peer review of the best current original research and timely commentaries and review articles. This commitment to our readers has allowed us to gain and maintain our standing as the premier journal in the discipline. Over the last 2 to 3 years, Cancer Cytopathology has continued to experience increased submissions of outstanding articles from acknowledged leaders in the field of cytopathology as well as from new authors, following a tradition of sound scientific research and publication.

The success of this competitive selection process is reflected in our impact factor, which has continued to increase (from 2.773 in 2010 to 3.333 in 2011). This increase raises Cancer Cytopathology to the rank of 16 of 78 pathology journals and 65 of 194 oncology journals. To accommodate our authors and readers and to continue maintaining the excellence we strive to achieve with high-quality articles, increasing our frequency from 6 to 12 issues per year was the next logical step in our strategic plan.

In addition to increasing the number of original articles we publish, our news and views feature, “CytoSource,” will continue to appear bimonthly in 2013. The increase in pages will also allow us to explore new ideas and concepts emerging in the disciplines of cytopathology and molecular biology and new ways of presenting that content outside the traditional article format. Our journal Web site continues to publish all articles online ahead of print an average of 8.5 weeks after acceptance and thus is the primary source for our latest content as well as online polls, free article access via Cancer Cytopathology Complimentary, “CytoSource,” and our annual newsletters, as well as access to tools for sharing content via e-mail, Facebook, and other social media. Our Web site also connects our readers to content highlights from the other American Cancer Society journals, Cancer and CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Cancer Cytopathology will continue to focus on content that caters to our readers' need for new, accurate, concise, and accessible information they can trust.

Cancer Cytopathology seeks reviewers who are experts and scholars in their discipline and who will be expedient in their critical review of submissions, such that authors will continue to choose us as the preeminent journal to submit their research and reviews. One of the ways we believe Cancer Cytopathology will fulfill the above promise is with a restructuring of our Editorial Board. In addition to our 3 outstanding Associate Editors, we will have a new Editorial Advisory Board as well as a Review Board. As always, all our Editorial Board members represent the most prompt, active, and scholastic of reviewers. From this great group of individuals, we have selected expert reviewers in the fields of cytopathology and molecular biology to comprise the Editorial Advisory Board. These members will not only provide expertise in peer review and adjudication of articles, they will also present their input and feedback to the editors on emerging concepts and changing facets in cytopathology in addition to trends in molecular pathology that we want to communicate to our readership. As always, our Editorial Review Board members are an essential component of the success of the journal. These Board members are committed to providing timely, expert reviews that ensure excellent and current content for our readers.

I hope you will share my enthusiasm as we enter this new growth phase for the journal. On behalf of the Associate Editors and the American Cancer Society journals program, I hope you continue to enjoy the various offerings that Cancer Cytopathology brings to you, our readers. We encourage you to visit our Web site, where we will be posting a call for papers in early 2013 for a special issue and highlighting some of the new content format that we hope you will enjoy. As always, we encourage your suggestions and input so that Cancer Cytopathology may continue to bring you the best available research, reviews, and updates in cytopathology!