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cne_21959_sm_SupFig1.tif7873KSupplementary Figure 1. Double-immunostaining for cChAT (magenta) and pChAT (green) in the DMNV at 7 days (A-C) and 28 days (D-F) post-vagotomy. A, D: cChAT-immunoreactive neurons. B, E: pChAT-immunoreactive neurons. C: Merged image of (A) and (B). F: Merged image of (D) and (E). Note that only a few neurons co-express cChAT and pChAT (A-C) and that some of the cChAT-positive and pChAT-positive neurons co-express the two markers (D-F). The white color represents merged areas. HN, hypoglossal nucleus. Scale bars: A-F, 200 μm.

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