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CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS1.tif1243KSupplementary Figure S1 RT-PCR analysis using different PCR primers showing that the expression of AP180 and CALM mRNAs in embryonic brains is similar to the patterns shown in Figure 1.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS2.tif1513KSupplementary Figure S2 Double immunostaining to sections of E14 brains as shown in the red boxed area in A. AP180 (green) and SOX2 (red) are expressed by mutually exclusive subsets of cells. E is a Z-plane view of D. The section was also stained by DAPI (blue). Scale bar: 10 μm.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS3.tif1130KSupplementary Figure S3 Double immunostaining of AP180 and TH in E14 ventral mesencephalon. A-C: A more lateral view (than in Figure 3C-E) of the ventral mesencephalon double stained for AP180 (green) and TH (red). D: An additional example of NT2 cells doubly stained with AP180 and TH. Scale bars: A, 20μm; D,10μm.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS4.tif2508KSupplementary Figure S4 Double immunostaining to sections of E14 brains using the same set of stage-specific markers but a CALM antibody (sc5395) different from the CALM antibody (sc6433) used in Figure 3. Scale bars: C, F, I, 10 μm; L, 5 μm.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS5.tif3165KSupplementary Figure S5 Double immunostaining of AP180 (green) and Tuj1 (red) in NTera2 cells differentiated for 2 weeks. Scale bar: 10μm.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoFigureS6.tif2608KSupplementary Figure S6 A, B: Graphs showing the percentage of E14 dissociated cortical cells expressing indicated markers. A, day 0; B, day 3. C-H: Sample images of vector-transfected cells (green) stained for Tuj1 (red). Scale bar: 20μm.
CNE_22425_sm_suppinfoTableS1.doc34KSupplementary Table 1 Primer sequences for RT-PCR

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