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CNE_22445_sm_suppinfoFigure1.tif986KSupporting Figure 1. Incubation of the anti-SIX3 antibody with the antigenic peptide shows specific immunoreactivity in the forebrain. A and C, Cells surrounding the AC are immunopositive for SIX3 (B). Following incubation with the peptide at 50x the antibody concentration, immunoreactivity is no longer present (D). Asterisk indicates artefact caused by a fold in the tissue section. Scale bar = 50 μm.
CNE_22445_sm_suppinfoFigure2.tif2640KSupporting Figure 2. Representative measurements of commissural plate domains using EMX1, NFIA, ZIC2 and SIX3 in wildtype (A-D), Nfia−/− (E-H), Emx2−/− (I-L) and Satb2−/− (M-P) mice. N.d.: not determined.

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