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CNE_23155_sm_SuppFig1.tif16272KSupporting Figure 1: (Magenta-green version for the assistance of color blind readers.) Photomicrographs of transverse (a, b, d, f-h) and sagittal (c, e) sections through the brain of Polypterus, illustrating staining in the same sections for ChAT (red fluorescence) and either TH (a-e, h) or Islet1 (f-h) (green fluorescence). The relationship between the distinct cell populations is illustrated for: (a) the rostral part of the supraoptoparaventricular band; (b) the magnocellular part of the supraoptoparaventricular band and the suprachiasmatic nucleus; (c) the oculomotor and trochlear nuclei and the pretectum; (d) transverse section through the pretectal region at the level indicated in c (arrow points to the fibers ascending toward the pretectal neuropil); (e) the trigeminal motor nucleus just caudal to the THir cells of the locus coeruleus; (f) transverse section through the motor nucleus of the trigeminus and the ventral nucleus of the octavolateral area (note nuclear Isl1staining in motor cells); (g) the nucleus medianus magnocellularis, the vagal motor nucleus, and the rostral cells of the spino-occipital nucleus (all double labeled); (h) the retina with distinct ChATir and THir cells. Scale bars = 200 μm (b-e), 100 μm (a, f, g), 50 μm (h).

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