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CNE_23170_sm_SuppFig1.tif5138KSupporting Figure 1. (Magenta-green version of panels Figure 1) Large neurons are GABAergic and receive dense VGLUT2-positive somatic inputs. A-F: Confocal images showing staining with GAD67 (A, D), VGLUT2 (B, E) and neuronal β-tubulin III (C, F). Scale bar is 10 μm.
CNE_23170_sm_SuppMovS1.avi7716KSupporting Movies 1-4. These movies show in cerise the outline of the sections, in green the aqueduct, and in white the reconstructed axon. The star denotes the branch originating from the soma. The finest branches could not be reconstructed. Movie S1 shows the same axon as in Fig. 9. The fine thalamic endings of the axon shown in Movie S2 are presented in Fig. 10.
CNE_23170_sm_SuppMovS2.avi7716KSupporting Movie S2
CNE_23170_sm_SuppMovS3.avi7770KSupporting Movie S3
CNE_23170_sm_SuppMovS4.avi7630KSupporting Movie S4

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