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CNE_23296_sm_SuppFig2.tif16182KSupplementary Figure 1 (magenta-green version of Figure 2): NGF mRNA and protein in the mouse descending colon and urinary bladder. A: NGF mRNA levels in the descending colon and urinary bladder are comparable among NGF/p75+/+ (lanes 1 and 2), NGF/p75-/- (lanes 3 and 4), and WT (lanes 5 and 6) mice. B: Immunostaining for NGF by Western blotting (upper membrane) reveals bands at ∼12, ∼14, and ∼37 kDa in the descending colon of NGF/p75+/+ mice (lane 2), NGF/p75-/- mice (lane 3), and WT mice (lane 4). In contrast, only a single band at ∼14 kDa is detected in the urinary bladder of NGF/p75+/+ mice (lane 5), NGF/p75-/- mice (lane 6), and WT mice (lane 7). Standards for NGF include proNGF (0.5 ng; lane 1 resolved at ∼32kDa), 2.5S NGF (0.5 ng; lane 8 resolved at ∼13 kDa), and the male mouse submaxillary gland (1μg; lane 9 resolved at ∼13 kDa). Immunostaining for β-actin (∼42 kDa in red) by Western blotting (lower membrane) shows equal loading of protein samples in lanes 2-4 for the descending colons and in lanes 5-7 for the urinary bladders. L, ladder. (see Supplemental Figure 1 for images converted to magenta-green).
CNE_23296_sm_SuppFig11.tif16183KSupplementary Figure 2 (magenta-green version of Figure 11): Sympathetic plexus formation around sensory neurons in the dorsal root ganglia. No sympathetic perineuronal plexuses (as detected by TH-immunostaining were seen in the sensory ganglia of wild type mice (A, D, G, J). In NGF mice with a fully functional p75NTR (B, E, H, K), sympathetic plexuses (green) were associated with trkA- (E, red), CGRP- (H, red), and p75NTR- (K, red) immunopositive neurons. In NGF mice carrying a p75NTR null mutant (C, F, I, L), TH-immunopositive sympathetic fibers were found extending throughout the ganglionic environment with very few perineuronal plexuses seen. Small TH-immunopositive neurons (green) were observed in the dorsal root ganglia of all lines of transgenic mice. As an internal control, no p75NTR immunostaining was detected in NGF/p75-/- mice (L). Scale bar = 100 μm. (see Supplemental Figure 2 for images converted to magenta-green).

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