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cne23337-sup-0001-suppinfo.tif16958KSupplementary Figure 1: (magenta-green version of Figure 2 from the manuscript for the assistance of color blind readers). Fluorescence photomicrographs of frontal sections through the oculomotor nucleus (nIII) of a monkey showing the location of tracer-labeled neurons (green) and calretinin (CR)-positive profiles (red). A: The overview demonstrates the location of inferior oblique (IO) in the left nIII, superior rectus (SR) in the right nIII, and levator palpebrae motoneurons (LP) in the central caudal nucleus (CCN). Note that red CR-positive punctate labelling is mainly confined to the IO, SR, LP subgroups. B-C: Detailed views of fluorescence (B) and confocal scanning analysis (C) demonstrating that numerous CR-positive punctate profiles are in close contact with the dendrites and somata of wheatgerm-agglutinin (WGA)-labeled motoneurons (white arrows). D: Confocal scanning view showed combined immunofluorescence for glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) in red (white solid arrows) and CR in green (white open arrows). Note that both labelled populations represent largely independent systems, with no colocalization. Scale bar = 200µm (A) and 50µm (B-D).

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