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cne23388-sup-0001-suppinfo.avi10450KSupporting movies 1-8: The movies show the splitGFP-dependent fluorescence in the mushroom body as z-stacks through the entire brain and as 3D-reconstructions, respectively. Movies 1 and 2 show the reconstituted splitGFP fluorescence derived from Th-Gal4, movies, 3 and 4 from Ddc-Gal4, movies 5 and 6 from Trh-Gal4 and movies 7 and 8 from Tdc2-Gal4. Movies 1, 3, 5 and 7 show the entire z-stacks through the Drosophila brain, focused on the left mushroom body, from posterior to anterior. The mb247-DsRed expression is displayed in red, the splitGFP fluorescence in greyscale. The movies 2, 4, 6 and 8 show the respective 3D-reconstructions of the same preparations, with the reconstituted splitGFP fluorescence displayed in green.
cne23388-sup-0002-suppinfo.avi31517KSupporting Information Movie 2
cne23388-sup-0003-suppinfo.avi11927KSupporting Information Movie 3
cne23388-sup-0004-suppinfo.avi24007KSupporting Information Movie 4
cne23388-sup-0005-suppinfo.avi8325KSupporting Information Movie 5
cne23388-sup-0006-suppinfo.avi28491KSupporting Information Movie 6
cne23388-sup-0007-suppinfo.avi15636KSupporting Information Movie 7
cne23388-sup-0008-suppinfo.avi31587KSupporting Information Movie 8

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