Passages 2014


In the past year, a publishing milestone was achieved by the Journal of Comparative Neurology. In a paper detailing the neuroanatomy of the superior colliculus of the Nile grass rat (Arvicanthis niloticus), Gaillard, Karten, and Sauvé (J. Comp. Neurol. 521:1699–1726, 2013) provided access to supporting anatomical evidence by placing their entire dataset as high-resolution virtual slides using the Biolucida Cloud technology in a collaboration between Wiley, our publisher, and MBF Bioscience. This image collection totals 40 gigabytes in compressed form and is readily accessible to our readers. The slides can be viewed at different levels of resolution up to their native scanning resolution of 0.5 µm/pixel, and are organized in experiments and annotated for ease of navigation and use. This offers a permanent repository of invaluable materials that in their physical form may decay over time, and permits the dissemination of comprehensive information to reviewers and readers alike. This technology was also used by Jarvis and his collaborators, who published a pair of papers reporting a large-scale survey of gene expression patterns across the bird telencephalon (Jarvis et al., J. Comp. Neurol. 521:3614–3665 and Chen et al., 521:3666–3701, 2013). These landmark data have important implications for interpretation of homologies in the vertebrate pallium and place us one step closer to realizing a unified view of the vertebrate forebrain organization. We hope other authors will follow these examples and offer the community a complete and open access to the materials on which their results and interpretations are based.

The journal has been mounting efforts to attract reviews, as well as organizing special issues on topics at the forefront of neuroscience. In this regard, we were pleased to publish a first special issue honoring the work of the late Gary Van Hoesen in systems neuroscience. This issue of the journal, organized by Gary's closest collaborators, was published in December 2013, and is a true reflection of Gary's immense contribution to the field, providing our readers with a series of outstanding papers spanning classical neuroanatomy to the most advanced methodologies in quantitative morphology and functional imaging used to study brain systems and neuropathology. Other special issues are in preparation for 2014, on neural stem cells in brain development, repair, and disease, and another on brain imaging. We hope that these special publications will enhance the visibility of our journal and result in increased citations, while maintaining our standards of quality and improving content by attracting important works that will be cited over time because they provide indispensable knowledge on domains of neurobiology of which understanding had remained limited. In this regard, it is with great appreciation that I recognize the outstanding dedication of our 10 Associate Editors, and of Clif Saper, our Editor Emeritus, who all work closely with the reviewers, and render a first decision on each paper they edit. I also thank our Publishing Editor at Wiley, Matthew Giampoala, for all of his hard work managing and promoting the journal.

This is also the time to review changes and transitions. First and foremost, Adam Gordon, the journal's faithful and indefatigable Managing Editor, left the Journal of Comparative Neurology in the fall of 2013. Adam started in this role when Clif was Editor-in-Chief and over the years, became an essential member of the team, owing to his kindness and dedication, insight and attention for details, boundless availability and sense of initiative. Adam, among many contributions to the journal, took on several aspects of managing our antibody database, updating it regularly, identifying and cleaning up errors, and making it easier to use for our authors. At my request, he had begun to insert known immunogen sequences and amino acid positions in the database, so that they could be directly retrieved, reducing the burden on our contributors. We will evidently pursue this effort, and the next releases of the database will include this information. Adam has been recruited back as a Managing Editor by Clif, who became the new Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Neurology, another Wiley publication and one of the premier journals in the field of neurology worldwide. We give Adam our warmest thanks for his outstanding job at the Journal of Comparative Neurology and wish him the very best in his new position. We take this opportunity to welcome Serena C. Tan, PhD, as our new Managing Editor. Serena joins us from the Nature Publishing Group and will assume all of Adam's duties. In addition, as an Associate Editor, Life Science Journals, she will coordinate collaboration with other neuroscience journals at Wiley and supervise all aspects of management of special issues and topical reviews.

In addition to our many reviewers, our Editorial Board members contribute a large share of the primary reviews. They are appointed by the senior Editors for terms of 4 years and as such, every year the Editors vote on replacing or re-electing some of the Board members. In 2013, we had 10 positions to fill and it is a pleasure to welcome back Allan Basbaum, Nell Cant, Dick Nässel, Michael Frotscher, Naoyuki Yamamoto, Ulrike Grünert, and Pasko Rakic, who all earned another term. It is my particular privilege to mention here that Pasko gave the Pickney Harman Memorial Lecture at the Cajal Club Social during the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego, and was honored as the recipient of the W. Maxwell Cowan Award in Developmental Neuroscience, which I presented to him on the behalf of our publisher, John Wiley & Sons, and the Journal of Comparative Neurology. We also congratulate Ed Callaway, one of our Associate Editors, who received the Krieg Kudos Discoverer Award from the Cajal Club, at the same venue. We welcome 3 new members in 2014: Erich Jarvis, Ida Llewellyn-Smith, who had already served on our board in the past, and Kristen Harris. We look forward to their contribution to the journal's success in the coming years. We also thank 3 members, Fred Gage, Patrice Guyenet, and Susan Fahrbach, whose terms expired and whose meritorious service to the journal is greatly appreciated. We hope that they will rejoin our Board again in the future.

Finally, we must extend our thanks to the following individuals, who reviewed articles for the journal over the last year. Those who reviewed 3 or more articles are indicated by an asterisk in the list following this Editorial. The reputation of our Journal depends on the dedication of our reviewers and the quality of their evaluations and critiques. We are deeply grateful for their willingness to participate in the peer-review process for our journal.

  • Patrick R. Hof, MD

  • Editor-in-Chief

Adams, Michael

Agmon, Ariel

Aigner, Ludwig

Aizenman, Carlos

Albensi, Benedict

Albrecht, Urs

Aldskogius, Hakan

Alheid, George

Allen, Nicola

Allman, John*

Altschuler, Richard

Alvarez, Francisco

Amitai, Yael

Amrein, Hubert

Anadon, Ramon*

Anderson, Stewart

Apps, Richard

Arckens, Lutgarde

Arendt, Thomas

Artinger, Kristin

Asan, Esther

Askvig, Jason

Aso, Yoshinori

Atwood, Harold

Badea, Tudor*

Baines, Richard

Baizer, Joan

Baker, Harriet

Ball, Gregory

Balthazart, Jacques

Barbas, Helen

Barish, Michael

Barres, Ben*

Barth, Daniel

Basbaum, Allan*

Bass, Andrew

Bauer, Reinhard

Becker, Catherina

Benjamin, Paul

Benson, Deanna*

Bentivoglio, Marina

Bereiter, David

Bernard, Amy

Bernard, Véronique

Berrebi, Albert

Bhatnagar, Seema

Bjorklund, Anders

Blackshaw, Seth

Blight, Andrew

Blomqvist, Anders

Boire, Denis

Bolam, Paul

Borlongan, Cesar

Bornstein, Joel

Bottjer, Sarah

Bouret, Sebastien

Bourne, James*

Brandstätter, Johann Helmut

Brecha, Nicholas

Brecht, Michael

Brehmer, Axel

Brenowitz, Eliot

Briggs, Farran

Broberger, Christian

Bronchti, Gilles

Brown, David

Brown, M. Christian

Bruno, Randy

Buchanan, James

Budd, Julian

Burkhalter, Andreas

Burmeister, Sabrina

Burrows, Malcolm

Burstein, Rami

Burton, Harold

Burwell, Rebecca

Büttner-Ennever, Jean

Calabrese, Barbara

Canlon, Barbara

Cant, Nell*

Card, J. Patrick

Carr, Catherine

Carrive, Pascal

Carter, David*

Caspary, Donald

Cassell, Martin

Celio, Marco

Cepko, Constance

Chalupa, Leo

Chamberlin, Nancy*

Chan-ling, Tailoi

Chatterjee, Nivedita

Chen, Brian

Chen, Jason

Chen, Zhou-Feng

Choi, June Seek

Ciofi, Philipppe

Ciriello, John*

Civelli, Olivier

Clarac, Francois

Coen, Clive*

Cohen-Cory, Susana

Collins, Christine

Connaughton, Victoria

Conti, Fiorenzo

Contreras, Diego

Cook, Jeremy

Cooke, Dylan

Cooper, Helen

Craig, Arthur

Cramer, Karina*

Critchley, Hugo

Croll, Roger

Cronin, Thomas

Cunningham, Lisa

Currie, Scott

Dale, Nicholas

Dampney, Roger

Dancause, Numa

Dayanithi, Govindan

DeFelipe, Javier

DeJonge, Wouter

Dent, Erik

Denver, Robert

Deschenes, Martin

Desplan, Claude

Deuchars, James

Deutch, Ariel

DeVries, Steven

Dickstein, Dara

Dillingham, Chris

Douglas, Ronald

Dowling, John

Dubner, Ronald

Dubuc, Réjean

Duch, Carsten

Dudek, Serena

Edwards, Susan

Eisch, Amelia

El manira, Abdel

Elder, Gregory

Elias, Carol

Elliott, Chris

Elmquist, Joel

Elphick, Maurice

Elsworth, John

Erichsen, Jonathan

Erisir, Alev

Erskine, Lynda

Estevez, Alvaro

Euler, Thomas

Evrard, Henry

Ewer, John*

Fahrbach, Susan

Fairen, Alfonso

Falk, Dean

Fawcett, James

Feldheim, David

Feldmeyer, Dirk

Fetcho, Joseph

Forger, Nancy

Forrest, Dougas

Fouad, Karim

Foxe, John

Freed, William

Fregosi, Ralph

Frick, Karyn

Frisina, Robert

Fritschy, Jean-Marc

Fritzsch, Bernd*

Frotscher, Michael*

Furness, David

Gage, Fred

Gahr, Manfred

Gall, Christine

Gamberini, Michela

Garcia-Verdugo, Jose

Garel, Sonia

Garraghty, Preston*

Gautron, Laurent

Gearing, Marla

Geisert, Eldon

Gerfen, Charles

German, Dwight

Gershon, Michael

Geula, Changiz

Giesler, Glenn

Gigg, John

Gilissen, Emmanuel

Gillespie, Deda

Gillespie, Peter

Girouard, Helene

Gleich, Otto

Glowatski, Elizabeth

Gonzalez, Agustin

Goodchild, Ann

Goridis, Christo

Goulas, Alexandros*

Gould, Thomas

Graf, Werner

Granholm, Ann-Charlotte

Greer, Charles

Gronenberg, Wulfila

Gross, Robert

Grove, Elizabeth

Grove, Kevin

Grünert, Ulrike

Gulbransen, Brian

Güntürkün, Onür*

Haber, Suzanne*

Hackett, Troy

Haftel, Valerie

Hahn, Joel

Hammond, Constance

Handa, Robert

Hara, Yuko

Hartenstein, Volker*

Harzsch, Steffen

Haverkamp, Silke

Havton, Leif

Hentges, Shane

Herbison, Allan*

Herkenham, Miles

Herry, Cyril

Higley, Michael

Hill, Catherine

Hill, Peggy

Hindges, Robert

Hirano, Shinji

Hofer, Sonia

Hoffman, Gloria

Hofmann, Hans

Hokfelt, Tomas*

Holland, Nicholas*

Holstege, Gert

Holstege, Jan

Holstein, Gay

Hopkins, David*

Horn, Anja

Horner, Philip

Horvath, Tamas

Hoy, Ron

Hsiao, Kuangfu

Hsiao, Steven

Hu, James

Huberman, Andrew

Hughes, Abbie

Huntley, George

Hutchison, Bill

Hyde, David

Hyman, Bradley

Ingraham, Holly

Innocenti, Giorgio*

Inoue, Takayoshi

Insausti, Ricardo*

Isaacson, Lori

Isacson, Ole

Ishida, Andrew

Iwamoto, Gary

Jacquin, Mark

Jakobs, Tatjana

Jakowec, Michael

Jarvis, Erich*

Jaworski, Jacek

Jefferis, Gregory

Jennings, Ernest

Johansen, Jorgen

Johnson, Ian

Jones, Barbara*

Jones, Bryan*

Jones, Theresa

Jonz, Michael

Juraska, Janice

Kaas, Jon*

Kalloniatis, Michael

Kalsbeek, Andries

Kaneko, Takeshi

Kania, Artur

Karten, Harvey

Katona, Istvan

Kauffman, Alexander

Kawaja, Michael

Kawasaki, Hiroshi

Keay, Kevin

Keifer, Joyce

Kelley, Matt

Kennedy, Matthew

Kerman, Ilan

Keshishian, Haig

Kidd, Grahame

Killiany, Ronald

Kinney, Hannah

Kirn, John

Kleinfeld, David

Klimaschewski, Lars

Kloosterman, Fabian

Kloppenburg, Peter

Klug, Achim

Kolb, Helga

Köppl, Christine

Kordower, Jeffrey

Korf, Horst-Werner

Kozicz, Tamas

Kreissl, Sabine

Kritzer, Mary

Kröger, Ronald

Krubitzer, Leah*

Krueger, Stefan

Kuenzel, Wayne

Lanciego, Jose

Leake, Patricia

Lee, Charles

Lee, Chi-Hon

Lee, Choogon

Lee, Kevin

Lefcort, Frances

Lehman, Michael

Lein, Ed

Lele, Zsolt*

Lemon, Roger

Lerch, Jason

Li, Cheng-Shu

Liem, Ronald

Light, Alan

Lim, Daniel

Lin, Rick

Littleton, Troy

Llewellyn-Smith, Ida*

Lobaugh, Nancy

Loturco, Joseph

Luikart, Bryan*

Lundy, Robert

Luppinno, Giuseppe*

Lyon, David

Lysakowski, Anna

Majewska, Anna

Maler, Leonard

Malicki, Jarema

Man, Hengye

Manger, Paul*

Manis, Paul

Marc, Robert*

Margolis, Seth

Marshak, David

Marshall, Justin

Martin, Stéphane

Martinez, Salvador

Maruska, Karen

Massari, John

May, Paul*

Mccarthy, Margaret

Mcdonald, Alexander

Mchugh, Thomas

McLean, David

Meinertzhagen, Ian*

Mello, Claudio

Merchenthaler, Istvan*

Meyer, Ronald

Micevych, Paul*

Miles, Richard*

Miller, Cory

Miller, Mark

Mills, Stephen

Milner, Teresa*

Molliver, Derek

Molnar, Zoltan*

Mong, Jessica

Montgomery, John

Morishita, Hirofumi

Morrison, John

Moxon, Karen

Mueller, Ulrich

Mufson, Elliott*

Muller, Kenneth

Murphy, Don

Murray, Elisabeth

Myers, Martin

Nässel, Dick*

Nattie, Eugene

Nerbonne, Jeanne

Nern, Aljoscha

Neuhuber, Winfried

Nicolson, Teresa

Niell, Cristopher

Nishimura, Kaneyasu

Noctor, Stephen

Nolan, Patrick

Norgren, Ralph

Northcutt, Glenn*

Nourski, Kirill

Nudo, Randolph

Nunn, Peter

O'Carroll, David

O'Neill, William*

Oertel, Donata

Oliver, Douglas*

Oppenheim, Ronald

Ostroff, Linnaea*

Ottersen, Ole Petter

Pachnis, Vassilis

Padmanabhan, Krishnan

Panneton, Michael

Panula, Pertti

Parysek, linda

Peichl, Leo

Pelster, Bernd

Pereda, Alberto

Peters, Alan

Petrides, Michael

Petrovich, Gorica

Peusner, Kenna

Pevet, Paul

Pfaff, Donald

Pflueger, Hans-Joachim

Phillips, Robert

Pilowsky, Paul*

Pittman, Quentin

Pixley, Sarah

Pizzorusso, Tommaso

Plachez, Céline

Pleasure, Samuel

Pombal, Manuel

Porrino, Linda

Predel, Reinhard

Prevot, Vincent

Price, Joseph*

Puelles, Luis

Quinlan, Elizabeth

Radtke-Schuller, Susanne

Radulovic, Jelena

Ragsdale, Clifton*

Ralston, Henry

Raymond, Pamela

Read, Heather*

Recanzone, Gregg

Reese, Benjamin

Reichenbach, Andreas

Reichert, Heinrich

Reiner, Anton

Resnick, James

Ribeiro, Paula

Rice, Margaret

Rijli, Filippo

Risold, Pierre-Yves

Robinson, Gene

Rockland, Kathleen

Rodger, Jennifer

Rodriguez, Esteban

Roepke, Troy

Roessler, Wolfgang

Rosa, Marcello

Rosene, Douglas

Rubel, Edwin

Rubenstein, John

Rubio, Maria

Rudy, Bernardo

Ruigrok, Tom

Russo, Scott

Rybak, Jürgen

Ryugo, David

Sandeman, David

Sanes, Joshua*

Saper, Clifford*

Sassoè-Pognetto, Marco

Sawamoto, Kazunobu

Sawchenko, Paul

Schaber, Clemens

Schein, Stanley

Schlosser, Gerhard

Schmitz, Christoph*

Schneider, Julie

Schrader, Laura

Schrott-Fischer, Anneliese

Schwarcz, Robert

Schwarting, Gerald

Schwartz, Michal

Schwarz, Cornelius

Schwob, James

Seasholtz, Audrey

Selzer, Michael

Semba, Kazue

Sengelaub, Dale

Seress, László

Sesack, Susan*

Sessle, Barry

Sestan, Nenad*

Shammah-Lagnado, Sara

Sharma, Kamal

Sharma, Sansar

Sherwood, Chet

Shi, Song-Hai

Shipp, Stewart

Silver, Rae*

Simons, Daniel

Sisk, Cheryl

Slomianka, Lutz

Smith, Terrence

Smith, Yoland

Snyder, Amanda

Sofroniew, Michael

Sokolowski, Marla

Sossin, Wayne

Spocter, Muhammad

St John, James

Staley, Kevin

Steele, John

Steeves, Jennifer

Stefanacci, Lisa

Stehle, Jorg

Steinmetz, Helmuth

Stengl, Monika

Stenkamp, Deborah

Steward, Oswald

Stifani, Stefano

Stoilov, Peter

Stopfer, Mark

Stornetta, Ruth

Strähle, Uwe

Strassman, Andrew

Stratford, Jennifer

Strettoi, Enrica

Subramanian, Hari

Summers, Cliff

Sun, Zhongjie

Suzuki, Wendy

Sved, Alan

Swanson, Larry

Szaro, Ben

Taghert, Paul

Talman, William

Tanimoto, Hiromu*

Tautz, Jürgen

Taylor, Ruth

Teng, Yang

Thanos, Solon

Thiele, Alexander

Todd, Andrew

Tommerdahl, Mark

Torii, Masaaki

Travers, Susan*

Triller, Antoine

Tronson, Natalie

Turner, Raymond

Tuszynski, Mark

Ueda, Shuichi

Usdin, Ted

Van Essen, David

Van Groen, Thomas

van Haeften, Theo

Van Praag, Henriette

VanderHorst, Véronique*

Vaney, David*

Vassar, Robert

Vater, Marianne

Veenstra, Jan

Veinante, Pierre

Vertes, Robert

Viau, Victor

Vinay, Laurent

Vizzard, Margaret

Vollmer, Maike*

von Bartheld, Christopher

von Gersdorff, Henrique

Voogd, Jan*

Wade, Juli

Wagner, Christine

Walker, Larry

Wang, Samuel

Warrant, Eric

Watakabe, Akiya

Watanabe, Masahiko

Waterhouse, Barry

Waters, Jack

Watson, Stanley

Watts, Alan

Waxman, Stephen

Weinberg, Richard

Weinreich, Daniel

Weintraub, Sandy

Wells, David

Werner, Hauke

Westbrook, Gary

Westlund, Karin

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Witter, Menno

Wolosker, Herman

Wouterlood, Floris*

Wray, Susan

Wright, Nicholas

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Wylie, Douglas

Wyss, Michael

Xu, Xiangmin*

Yamamoto, Naoyuki*

Yazulla, Stephen

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Young, W. Scott

Yuste, Rafael

Zaccone, Giacomo

Zahm, Daniel*

Zeng, Hongkui

Zielinski, Barbara

Zill, Sasha