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cne23622-sup-0001-suppmovie1.avi25225KMovie 1. Procedures for the generation of the M6 retinotopic map. The M6 stratum is segmented from the DLG-immunostained standard brain (gray). Isolating the intersection of all photoreceptor neurons (green) expressing glass multiple reporter (GMR) with the M6 volume model (magenta) results in a retinotopic map representing R7/R8 terminals (blue) in the M6 stratum.
cne23622-sup-0002-suppmovie2.avi11564KMovie 2. Skeleton views of 57 individual M6-LNs. All axons and dendrites of these M6-LNs are confined to the M6 stratum, suggesting that the M6 stratum acts as an independent LPU. Each color represents a distinct neuron. Gray: Medulla, lobula, and lobula plate.

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