The posterior lateral line lobe (PLLL) of gymnotoid fish has efferent projections to two midbrain regions: the nucleus praeeminentialis dorsalis (n.P.d.) and the torus semicircularis dorsalis (T.Sd.). Both ipsilateral and contralateral connections are present; the n.P.d. receives nearly equal input from both sides while the T.Sd. receives a stronger contralateral input. The PLLL projection to n.P.d. merely maps medial PLLL to ventral n.P.d. and lateral PLLL to dorsal n.P.d., thus preserving the separate topography and relative orientation of the four electrosensory maps found in the PLLL. Only PLLL pyramidal cells (basilar and nonbasilar pyramids) contribute to this projection. The four PLLL electrosensory maps converge onto T.Sd. so that they map the dorsal body surface onto medial T.Sd. and the ventral body surface onto lateral T.Sd. Pyramidal cells, spherical cells, and multipolar cells contribute to this projection.

A small commiusural connection links homologous segments of the PLLL; these fibers arise from polymorphic cells of the PLLL.