• Golgi impregnation;
  • autoradiography;
  • dopamine;
  • glycine;
  • retinal circuitry


Dopaminergic and glycinergic interplexiform cells (IPCs) in the goldfish retina were impregnated by using two new Golgi protocols. The two cell types have markedly different morphological characteristics: Dopaminergic IPCs have primary dendrites that descend into and stratify in the inner plexiform layer, where they give rise to processes that project to the outer plexiform layer. Conversely, glycinergic IPCs have primary dendrites that ascend to the outer plexiform layer and from this dendritic arbor, many processes then project into the inner plexiform layer. The apparent coverage of dopaminergic IPCs is almost four times that of glycinergic IPCs. Even so, the coverage of each glycinergic IPC in the outer plexiform layer allows it to provide an accurate copy of the S-space to the inner plexiform layer. Considering the known GABAergic and glycinergic synaptologies in the inner plexiform layer, the glycinergic IPC must form a major element in the retinal circuitry of the goldfish.