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Coupled electromechanical model of the heart: Parallel finite element formulation


Mariano Vázquez, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Campus Nord UPC, Barcelona, Spain.



In this paper, a highly parallel coupled electromechanical model of the heart is presented and assessed. The parallel-coupled model is thoroughly discussed, with scalability proven up to hundreds of cores. This work focuses on the mechanical part, including the constitutive model (proposing some modifications to pre-existent models), the numerical scheme and the coupling strategy. The model is next assessed through two examples. First, the simulation of a small piece of cardiac tissue is used to introduce the main features of the coupled model and calibrate its parameters against experimental evidence. Then, a more realistic problem is solved using those parameters, with a mesh of the Oxford ventricular rabbit model. The results of both examples demonstrate the capability of the model to run efficiently in hundreds of processors and to reproduce some basic characteristic of cardiac deformation. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.