An approach to enhance the efficiency of opportunistic grids



Opportunistic grid computing middleware has as a main concern the need to preserve the performance of the local applications running on machines that donate resources to the grid. This concern, together with the fact that it happens in an extremely dynamic environment, causes the adoption of a treatment based on thetextitbest-effort principle for grid applications. This means that efficient application management schemes are usually not employed, which results in less than optimal performance as grid applications often need to be restarted due to (often temporary) resource claims by local user applications. This paper presents a method to improve the performance of grid applications, taking into account resource usage profiles for local applications, trying to identify when such resource claims are temporary and avoiding costly actions such as the migration of grid tasks. The approach is proposed as an extension to the InteGrade middleware and its evaluation shows promising results for the efficient management of grid applications. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.