An economic market for the brokering of time and budget guarantees



Grids offer best effort services to users. Service level agreements offer the opportunity to provide guarantees upon services offered, in such a way that it captures the users' requirements, while also considering concerns of the service providers. This is achieved via a process of converging requirements and service cost values from both sides towards an agreement. This paper presents the intelligent scheduling for quality of service market-oriented mechanism for brokering guarantees upon completion time and cost for jobs submitted to a batch-oriented compute service. Web Services agreement (negotiation) is used along with the planning of schedules in determining pricing, ensuring that jobs become prioritised depending on their budget constraints. An evaluation is performed to demonstrate how market mechanisms can be used to achieve this, whilst also showing the effects that scheduling algorithms can have upon the market in terms of rescheduling. The evaluation is completed with a comparison of the broker's capabilities in relation to the literature. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.