Functional Polymeric Micelles Formed from a Novel Cationic Star Block Copolymer



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Flowers made from stars: A star polymer, which consists of a porphyrin center to which four arms with cationic poly(ethyleneimine) (PEI) and hydrophobic poly(phenyloxazoline) (PPOZ) segments were attached, was synthesized and shown to form micelles in both aqueous and organic media (see picture). In aqueous media, the star formed a micelle in which a hydrophobic PPOZ core was surrounded by cationic corona PEI. The porphyrin moieties enclosed in the micellar core can effectively communicate with an ionic substrate enriched in the cationic corona. In organic media, the star gave a flowerlike micelle in which the ionomer segment PEI assembled to form a core and the nonionic PPOZ segments formed a looplike corona coating the core.