Sensitized Emission in Ln3+-Doped TiO2 Semiconductor Nanoparticles


  • Jan W. Stouwdam Dr.,

    1. Laboratories of Supramolecular Chemistry and Technology & MESA+ Research Institute, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
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  • Frank C. J. M. van Veggel Professor

    1. Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria, P.O. Box 3065, Victoria BC, V8W 3 V6, Canada, Fax: (+1) 250-472-5193
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  • Ln=Eu, Yb, Nd, and Er


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The doping of lanthanide ions in semiconductor TiO2 nanoparticles is studied. The presence of the TiO2 absorption band in the excitation spectrum of the lanthanide (see graphic; excitation and emission) proves the existence of energy transfer from the host material to the lanthanide ion. Energy transfer to several lanthanide ions occurs, including to Er3+, Nd3+, Yb3+, and Eu3+.