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Critique of the Multipath Model for 1J(C,C) Nuclear Spin–Spin Coupling via Electron Current Induced by 13C Nuclear Magnetic Dipoles


  • in Ethane, Cyclopropane and Bicyclobutane. 1J(C,C)=Dipolar Coupling Constant of Coupled Carbon Nuclear Spins.


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Spin–spin coupling in cyclic systems: The topology of maps of the electonic current density induced by nuclear magnetic dipoles in ethane, cyclopropane and bicyclobutane is used to interpret 1J(C,C) values in terms of classical electromagnetic theory. The results are not affected by the multipath coupling processes typically invoked in the literature. A contour plot of the Fermi-contact coupling density for 1J(C,C) in cyclopropane is depicted in the figure.

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