The Reaction Microscope: Imaging and Pulse Shaping Control in Photodynamics


  • Arno Vredenborg,

  • C. Stefan Lehmann,

  • Daniel Irimia,

  • Wim G. Roeterdink,

  • Maurice H. M. Janssen


original image

Jacobus van’t Hoff proposed in 1874 that molecules have three-dimensional structures. A novel reaction microscope employs advanced single-particle imaging detectors that measure the full three-dimensional velocity distribution of correlated electrons and (fragment) ions emitted from an excited molecule. In their Minireview (DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201100107), M. H. M. Janssen and co-workers illustrate the wealth of detailed information that can be obtained about the interplay between shaped laser fields, femtosecond dynamics, ionization processes and multichannel pathways in three-dimensional (chiral) molecules.