• dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid;
  • hydrogen bonds;
  • polymers;
  • proton transport;
  • thermally stable membranes

In Section 2.3, paragraph 2, the first sentence should read: “Comparing the results (Figure 5), the membranes all has a qmax value of near 2.25 nm−1.” The qmax value is 2.25 nm−1 rather than 3.25 nm−1.

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Figure 5. SAXS profiles of PVDF/PEO/DBS-H membranes at room temperature.

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In the Experimental Section, paragraph 3, the fifth sentence should read: “The scattering patterns were integrated to generate an I vs q curve, where I is the intensity of scattered X-rays and q is the scattering vector r, q is calculated from scattering angle θ and the wavelength of the X-ray beam λ by the equation q= 4πsin (θ)/λ.” The remaining two sentences of that paragraph should be disregarded.

Figure 5 in the original manuscript should be replaced by the new version of Figure 5 shown below. Figure 5 in the published article is the relation between scattering intensity and the scattering angle, rather than q [calculated as q=4πsin (θ)/λ], due to an oversight by the author. The caption remains the same and is included for completeness.

The author apologises for these oversights.