CO Adsorption on N2-Precovered NaY Faujasite: A FTIR Analysis of the Resulting Adsorbed Species



To productively complete the information regarding the reversible adsorption of a gas mixture on the micropores of cationic zeolites, the adsorption of the two gases N2 and CO on NaY faujasite is taken as a model case study. We analyze herein CO adsorption (77 K) on two distinct N2-precovered NaY sets (low and medium). We outline the continuous desorption of N2 adducts during CO admittance to full N2 desorption for the highest CO loadings. These features contrast with preceding results obtained for N2 loading on CO-precovered NaY. By comparing these results with the sole CO admission and combining both studies regarding the co-adsorption sets, we demonstrate the influence of the basic strength of the two gases regarding the nature of the surface-adsorbed species formed. We also propose and discuss a hypothesis regarding the formation of adsorbed mixed species having both N2 and CO as ligands. These new findings strengthen the statistical response of IR signatures as a helpful proposal for analyzing adsorbed species and their assignments. This survey completes the molecular understanding of gas-mixture adsorption that lacks experimental data to date.