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Neuroscience and Higher Brain Function: From Myth to Public Responsibility

Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Higher Functions of the Brain

  1. Fred Plum,
  2. Bruce T. Volpe

Published Online: 1 JAN 2011

DOI: 10.1002/cphy.cp010501

Comprehensive Physiology

Comprehensive Physiology

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Plum, F. and Volpe, B. T. 2011. Neuroscience and Higher Brain Function: From Myth to Public Responsibility. Comprehensive Physiology. 1–23.

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  1. Department of Neurology, Cornell University Medical College, New York, New York

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 1 JAN 2011


The sections in this article are:

  • 1
    Prescientific Beginnings: Brain Succeeds Heart as Organ of Mind; Dualism Arises and Prevails
  • 2
    Early Neuroscience and Associated Speculations About Higher Brain Function
  • 3
    Antilocalizationist: Unitary View of Cerebral Function
  • 4
    Rise of Clinical Neuroscience and its Movement Toward Mental Materialism
  • 5
    Growth of Neuroanatomy Affirms a Materialist Position
  • 6
    Experimental Approaches Linking Clinical and Anatomic Studies to Neurophysiology
  • 7
    Jackson: Leading Clinical Neuroscientist of Nineteenth Century
  • 8
    Beginnings of Modern Evidence for Material Mind
  • 9
    The Present: Acceptance of Material Basis of Mind and Resulting Philosophical-Social Effects
  • 10
    Future Goals of Neuroscience of Higher Brain Function