• antenna systems;
  • energy transfer;
  • laser dyes;
  • photoactive materials;
  • zeolites


Different laser dyes (with special interest in boron dipyrromethene) are incorporated as guests into the channels of zeolite L. The resulting doped material is fully characterized by steady-state and time-resolved photophysical techniques. The pores of zeolite L are filled with high amounts of dyes, which are exclusively present in their monomeric form and aligned in a preferential orientation, thus generating an organized photoactive material. The ordered disposition of the dye, mostly along the direction of the zeolite L nanochannels, was confirmed by confocal fluorescence microscopy. A careful selection of fluorophores along with controlled loading allows the harvest of light from the entire ultraviolet/visible region for conversion into white light, or alternatively, tuning of the emission in the blue, green, and red regions, owing to the presence of energy-transfer processes in the antenna systems built up in this work.