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  • Prof. Michal Hocek

    Corresponding author
    1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i. Gilead Sciences & IOCB Research Center, Flemingovo nam. 2, 16610 Prague 6 (Czech Republic)
    • Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i. Gilead Sciences & IOCB Research Center, Flemingovo nam. 2, 16610 Prague 6 (Czech Republic)
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… has occurred as the first year of ChemPlusChem draws to a close and it is my pleasure to contribute a Guest Editorial for the first issue of 2013. ChemPlusChem is a brand new journal with a unique multidisciplinary focus but, at the same time, it is a successor of a very old and traditional journal Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications (CCCC); therefore to honor this history its 77th volume was published in 2012. I served as the Editor-in-Chief of CCCC for 13 years (1998–2011) and, during this period, the substantial decline of traditional national chemistry journals was evident. Many of the European national journals were merging into the ChemPubSoc Europe family of general or specialized journals published by Wiley-VCH. Although CCCC managed to remain independent for somewhat longer, it inevitably followed the trend and was transformed into a new international journal of ChemPubSoc Europe.

I am very happy that CCCC did not die out but has instead been re-launched as ChemPlusChem. I feel that the founders, Professor Jaroslav Heyrovský (Nobel laureate in 1959) and Professor Emil Votoček, would have approved and appreciated this transformation, which keeps the best of tradition and also gives it a new spin and momentum for the 21st century. As the chemical sciences become more multi- and interdisciplinary, the proliferation of multidisciplinary papers that typically do not fit into traditional specialized journals is evident. For these papers, ChemPlusChem offers a new dedicated publication forum which appeals to a wide range of chemists and scientists.

The first years of publication of any journal are challenging in terms of attracting excellent papers from the best authors and getting attention from readers and subscribers. The advantage of being a member of the prestigious and established family of ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH definitely facilitated the successful launch of ChemPlusChem. The very efficient editorial office headed by Dr. Neville Compton and Dr. Marisa Spiniello, together with high-profile Editorial and Advisory Boards have assured the publication of top papers. The special Board Member issue featured excellent work from the Co-chairmen and several Editorial and Advisory Board members (more about forthcoming special issues can be found in Marisa Spiniello’s editorial).

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In addition, high-quality papers from across the chemical and molecular sciences appeared in every single issue including the contributions by J. Fraser Stoddart, Klaus Müllen, Frank Neese, Thomas Klapötke, and Benito Alcaide who were among many other first-rate scientists. I am pretty confident that the second year will be even more successful and that the journal will soon establish itself as a leading platform for inter- and multidisciplinary publications centering on chemistry. However, success will only be possible with the help of good authors who submit their best work to ChemPlusChem. Therefore I appeal to all of you—it is YOUR journal so help us to make it excellent for YOU!

Finally, I would like to thank all the editorial staff, board members, authors, referees, and readers for supporting this journal and to wish all of you a successful 2013.

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Professor Michal Hocek Co-chairman of the Editorial Board, ChemPlusChem