… is the heat-felt dedication you will see at the beginning of all contributions that comprise this very special issue. It was with great sadness that we learned of Detlef’s death just before last year’s EuCheMS Congress in Prague. Being among the founding members of the ChemPlusChem Editorial Board, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the journal from its launch in January 2012. This eagerness to boost the journal’s leadoff year was evident by his fine scientific contribution, which was chosen as the front cover of the Board Members special issue complied especially for the EuCheMS Congress. Similarly, Detlef’s passion and devotion to his research is recalled by Zdenĕk Havlas in his guest editorial on the previous pages. It contains remembrances of Detlef and quotes from those who knew him best.

Detlef was an outstanding supporter of the ChemPubSoc Europe family of journals as evident by several papers dedicated to his memory (see Table 1). He published many quality articles with a selection of stellar colleagues, two of those have featured on journal covers of ChemPubSoc Europe journals.

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The highlights are listed in Table 2 with the ten most cited papers co-authored by Schröder.

Table 1. A selection of papers dedicated to Detlef Schröder published in the ChemPubSoc Europe family of journals.
  1. [a] Manuscript can be easily located by digital object identifier (DOI) number at

1Y. Xiong, S. Yao, S. Inoue, E. Irran, M. DriessThe Elusive Silyliumylidene [ClSi:]+ and Silathionium [ClSi[TRIPLE BOND]S]+ Cations Stabilized by Bis(Iminophosphorane) Chelate LigandAngew. Chem.­ 2012, 124, 10221; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.­ 2012, 51, 10074
2A. Zavras, G. N. Khairallah, T. U. Connell, J. M. White, A. J. Edwards, P. S. Donnelly, R. A. J. O′HairSynthesis, Structure and Gas-Phase Reactivity of a Silver Hydride Complex [Ag3{(PPh2)2CH2}33-H)(μ3-Cl)]BF4Angew. Chem.­ 2013, 125, 8549; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.­ 2013, 52, 8391
3J. D. Fletcher, M. A. Parkes, S. D. PriceBond-Forming Reactions of Small Triply Charged Cations with Neutral MoleculesChem. Eur. J.­ 2013, 19, 10965
4M. Derzsi, A. Hermann, R. Hoffmann, W. GrochalaThe Close Relationships between the Crystal Structures of MO and MSO4 (M=Group 10, 11, or 12 Metal), and the Predicted Structures of AuO and PtSO4Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 10.1002/ejic.201300769[a]
5V. Navrátil, V. Klusák, L. RulíšekTheoretical Aspects of Hydrolysis of Peptide Bonds by Zinc MetalloenzymesChem. Eur. J. 10.1002/chem.201302663[a]
Table 2. Ten most cited articles co-authored by Detlef Schröder.[a]
  1. [a] Source is ISI Web of Knowledge accessed on August 23, 2013.

1S. Shaik, H. SchwarzTwo-State Reactivity as a New Concept in Organometallic ChemistryAcc. Chem. Res.­ 2000, 33, 139
2H. SchwarzC[BOND]H And C[BOND]C Bond Activation by Bare Transition-Metal Oxide Cations in the Gas-PhaseAngew. Chem.­ 1995, 107, 2126; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.­ 1995, 34, 1973
3H. SchwarzGeneration, Stability, and Reactivity of Small, Multiply Charged Ions in the Gas PhaseJ. Phys. Chem. A­ 1999, 34, 7385
4A. Fiedler, S. Shaik, H. SchwarzElectronic-Structures and Gas-Phase Reactivities of Cationic Late-Transition-Metal OxidesJ. Am. Chem. Soc.­ 1994, 116, 10734
5C. A. Schalley, G. Hornung, H. SchwarzMass Spectrometric Approaches to the Reactivity of Transient NeutralsChem. Soc. Rev.­ 1998, 27, 91
6S. Shaik, D. Danovich, A. Fiedler, H. SchwarzTwo-State Reactivity in Organometallic Gas-Phase Ion ChemistryHelv. Chim. Acta­ 1995, 78, 1393
7H. Schwarz, D. E. Clemmer, Y. M. Chen, P. B. Armentrout, V. I. Baranov, D. K. BohmeActivation of Hydrogen and Methane by Thermalized FeO+ in the Gas Phase as Studied by Multiple Mass Spectrometric TechniquesInt. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Processes­ 1997, 161, 175
8A. Fiedler, J. Hrusak, H. SchwarzExperimental and Theoretical Studies Toward a Characterization of Conceivable Intermediates Involved in the Gas-Phase Oxidation of Methane by Bare FeO+. Generation of Four Distinguishable [Fe,C,H4,O]+ IsomersJ. Am. Chem. Soc.­ 1992, 114, 1215
9H. Schwarz, J. Hrusak, P. PyykkoCationic Gold(I) Complexes of Xenon and of Ligands Containing the Donor Atoms Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and SulfurInorg. Chem.­ 1998, 37, 624
10R. H. Hertwig, W. Koch, H. Schwarz, J. Hrusak, P. SchwerdtfegerA Comparative Computational Study of Cationic Coinage Metal–Ethylene Complexes (C2H4)M+ (M=Cu, Ag, And Au)J. Phys. Chem.­ 1996, 100, 12253

Subject areas covered in this issue stretch from mass spectrometry, computational chemistry, gas-phase chemistry, Diels–Alder reactions, host–guest chemistry, gold clusters, copper-catalyzed reactions, and radical reactions. Among the two Minireviews, two Communications, and 29 Full Papers, contributions from eight groups were judged by our referees to be “highly important”. The front cover and back cover feature studies by the groups of Helmut Schwarz and Pascal Gerbaux, respectively. Meanwhile, the cover profile by the Schwarz group highlights both the science behind the cover, the people who made it all possible, and is a fitting tribute to Detlef’s influence on the project.

Among the Full Papers in this issue Kazuhide Nakata et al. present the relative gas-phase acidities of substituted benzoic and phenylacetic acids; Frank Neese, Marianne Engeser et al. report on studies of iron azides bearing cyclam–derived ligands; Diethard Bohme et al. combine drift gas modifiers with chemical tagging for selective peptide separations; R. Graham Cooks et al. describe a new variant of paper spray mass spectrometry; and Markus Reiher et al. present the relationship between structure and properties in Fe4S4 clusters.

In addition, the selection of papers that were deemed “highly important” were featured as news stories for ChemistryViews: Holger Bettinger et al. question the bond–length alternation in selected borazines; Gernot Frenking et al. exploit the twofold donor ability of carbodiphosphoranes; Chistoph Schalley, Michael Mehring et al. explain the gas–phase chemistry of bismuth–oxido clusters; Victor Ryzhov et al. found gas-phase radical rearrangement in a glutathione cation; and Roy Shenhar et al. investigate the coarsening kinetics of nanoparticles deposited on polymers.

Several of the authors who have contributed to this special issue attended the XIV European Symposium on Organic Reactivity (ESOR 2013), which was held earlier this month in Prague. At the symposium, which was originally to be chaired by Detlef, there was a special session dedicated to his memory that was chaired by Zdenĕk Havlas and at which Matthias Driess, Co-Chair of ChemPlusChem, was a speaker. The photos taken at ESOR 2013 show several authors who have published in this issue (Figure 1). Also, ChemPlusChem advisory board member, Jiří Čejka, Detlef’s widow, Jana Roithová, and guest editor, Zdenĕk Havlas are pictured in Figure 2.

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Figure 1. Back row, left to right: Rivera Hernandez, Jindrich Fanfrlík,* Veronika Solinova, Raül Crespo,* Mari-Carmen Piqueras,* Jan Rezáč,* Ivo Stary,* Irena Stará,* Václav Kašička,* Zdenĕk Havlas, Josef Michl,* Ivari Kaljurand,* Marianne Engeser,* Jeremy Harvey, Maurizio Speranza,* Kazuhide Nakata,* Simonet Fornarin; front row, left to right: Jirí Klívar,* Michal Kolár,* Michal Šámal,* Daniela Ascenzi, Simone Tomasi, Monica Barra, Sergei Vyboishchikov,* Petr K. Sazonov.* Contributing authors are indicated with an asterisk.

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Figure 2. Left to right: Zdenĕk Havlas, Jana Roithová, Jiří Čejka.

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Lastly, I sincerely thank Zdenĕk for gathering together such a fine group of scientists who have contributed their excellent research to this special issue. We believe it is an issue Detlef would have enjoy reading and we hope you do too.

Dr. Marisa Spiniello

Deputy Editor, ChemPlusChem

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