Cover Picture: Fabrication of Metal-Nanoparticle-Modified Semiconducting Copper– and Silver–TCNQ Materials as Substrates for the Reduction of Chromium(VI) Using Thiosulfate Ions at Ambient Temperature (ChemPlusChem 11/2013)



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The cover picture shows a SEM image of a semiconducting CuTCNQ microrod whose surface is decorated with metal nanoparticles by a simple galvanic replacement process. A. O'Mullane and A. Pearson report on the use of this composite material as a catalyst for reducing CrVI ions to a less hazardous CrIII state using thiosulfate ions at ambient temperature in their Full Paper on page 1343. The nature of the semiconducting substrate and metal nanoparticle combination is hypothesized to be highly influential on the reaction rate with the CuTCNQ/Pt composite demonstrating the best results.

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