• closo-dodecaborates;
  • cyclic carbonates;
  • direct fluorination;
  • flow reactors;
  • microreactors
Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

The cover picture shows a two phase minireactor used for the direct fluorination of cyclic carbonates and the closo-K2[B12H12] cluster as described by I. Krossing and co-workers in a Full Paper on page 292 ff. The four different layers of the minireactor are shown and the reactor channel plate is enlarged as a top view. Also shown is the gas/liquid slug flow within the channel. The molecules shown are calculated structures of ethylene carbonate and its monofluorinated isomer. The background is a picture of the Rhine Falls (Schaffhausen, Switzerland), which is the largest waterfall in Europe and symbolizes flow chemistry and the wild nature of the direct fluorination reaction.