Metal–Organic Framework Co(D-Cam)1/2(bdc)1/2(tmdpy) for Improved Enantioseparations on a Chiral Cyclodextrin Stationary Phase in Gas Chromatography


  • D-Cam=D-camphoric acid, bdc=1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid, tmdpy=4,4′-trimethylenedipyridine.


Initial efforts to combine a chiral metal–organic framework (MOF), Co(D-Cam)1/2(bdc)1/2(tmdpy) (D-Cam=D-camphoric acid, bdc=1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid, tmdpy=4,4′-trimethylenedipyridine), with peramylated β-cyclodextrins to investigate whether the use of a MOF can enhance enantioseparations on a cyclodextrin stationary phase are reported. Compared with columns of peramylated β-cyclodextrin incorporated in a MOF containing sodium chloride, the column of peramylated β-cyclodextrin+MOF shows excellent selectivity for the recognition of racemates, and higher resolutions are achieved on the peramylated β-cyclodextrin+MOF stationary phase. Experimental results indicate that the use of Co(D-Cam)1/2(bdc)1/2(tmdpy) can improve enantioseparations on peramylated β-cyclodextrins. This is the first report that chiral MOFs can improve enantioseparations on a chiral stationary phase for chromatography.