• bios;
  • chaos;
  • complexity;
  • galaxies;
  • quantum physics


Bios is a nonstationary chaotic pattern that resembles stochastic noise. New time series analyses identify features of creativity, namely episodic patterns, novelty, increasing variance, and nonrandom complexity. These properties characterize bios and are absent in chaotic attractors. Biotic patterns are found in biological processes. Here we report the demonstration of bios in two fundamental physical processes. Time series generated with the Schrödinger's equation display biotic features. Quantum bios is consistent with evidence for quantum chaos. The distribution of galaxies recorded in two recent surveys show a biotic pattern along the time-space axis. This is consistent with the demonstration of fractal features. Bipolar feedback recursions generate increasingly complex patterns (equilibrium, periods, chaos, bios), thus offering a model for the causal creation of complexity. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Complexity 11: 14–25, 2006