Statistically q-deformed and tau-deformed systems



Two classes of statistically deformed systems are known in literature. They are, respectively, the q-deformed systems (Lavagno and Narayana Swamy, Phys Rev E 2002, 65, 036101) and the κ-deformed systems (Kaniadakis and Scarfone, Physica A 2002, 305, 69). In this article, a new class, i.e., the tau-deformed systems, is introduced. For each of these systems, a consistent thermodynamics may be developed. A summary of the main similarities between the thermodynamic properties of q-deformed and tau-deformed systems is presented. The deformation outlined in this article is radically different from the nonextensive Tsallis statistics, where the structure of the entropy is rather arbitrary deformed via the logarithmic function. In contrast, the theory of tau-deformed systems is developed on a purely physical basis. However, one finally shows that the tau-systems may be described by using a new form of deformed logarithmic function. © 2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Complexity, 2010