Construction and factorial validation of a short form of the Self-Compassion Scale



The objective of the present study was to construct and validate a short-form version of the Self-Compassion Scale (SCS). Two Dutch samples were used to construct and cross-validate the factorial structure of a 12-item Self-Compassion Scale–Short Form (SCS–SF). The SCS-SF was then validated in a third, English sample. The SCS–SF demonstrated adequate internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha ≥ 0.86 in all samples) and a near-perfect correlation with the long form SCS (r ≥ 0.97 all samples). Confirmatory factor analysis on the SCS–SF supported the same six-factor structure as found in the long form, as well as a single higher-order factor of self-compassion. The SCS–SF thus represents a reliable and valid alternative to the long-form SCS, especially when looking at overall self-compassion scores. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Key Practitioner Message:

• The 12-item Self-Compassion Scale–Short Form (SCS–SF) in Dutch and English offers an economical alternative to the long Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) to measure self-compassion. Although the original long form of the SCS is reduced to half, the SCS–SF is reliable and has the same factorial structure as the original scale.