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Conversion of Cellulose to Hexitols Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid-Stabilized Ruthenium Nanoparticles and a Reversible Binding Agent



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A reversible cellulose binding agent, 1-(4′-(4′′-(2′′′-boronobenzyl)piperazinyl)-2′-butenyl)-3-n-butylimidazolium chloride 1, is synthesized by reacting 2-((4′-allylpiperazinyl)methyl) phenylboronic acid with 3-allyl-1-n-butylimidazolium chloride. 1 is miscible with ionic liquids, and when combined with Ru nanoparticles as a catalyst, cellulose can be converted to polyols under mild conditions. The catalyst can be recycled with sustained activity.