Editorial: Frontiers of Chemistry in Paris


  • Peter Goelitz

On May 21, a Friday before a long weekend in most European countries, a symposium will take place at which 10 illustrious speakers, including four Nobel Laureates, will discuss some of the current frontiers of chemical research (see Table 1). As the symposium celebrates the 10th anniversary of ChemBioChem and ChemPhysChem, the lectures naturally focus on the interfaces of chemistry with physics, biology, and medicine. This focus should, however, be inspiring for every chemist regardless of whether his or her own research deals with synthetic organic or theoretical inorganic chemistry or any other specialized field. The symposium should be particularly attractive to PhD students and postdocs, who can also present posters. While the symposium itself is only a one-day event, the posters will be available online for a three-month period.

Table 1. Lectures.
Gerhard ErtlReactions at Surfaces: From Atoms to Complexity
Michel OrritNano-optics: A Window on Structure and Dynamics at Molecular Scales
Marc FontecaveFrom Enzymes to Nanocatalysts: The Case of Hydrogenases
Alan R. FershtTumour Suppressor p53: From Structure to Drug Discovery
Michael GrätzelMolecular Photovoltaics and Mesoscopic Solar Cells
Roger Y. TsienBreeding and Building Molecules for Imaging
Nicolas WinssingerTranslating Instructions into Function by Self Assembly
Luisa De ColaNanomaterials: Properties, Assemblies and Biomedical Applications
Ada YonathThe Ribosome: The Remnant of an Ancient Translation Apparatus
Jean-Marie LehnFrom Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry

As ChemBioChem and ChemPhysChem are published by Wiley-VCH on behalf of ChemPubSoc Europe (which comprises 14 European chemical societies including the Société Chimique de France, SFC), the symposium has been organized by all three associations (with the help of LDO, a professional organizer of scientific conferences). The venue is most fittingly the Maison de la Chimie in the heart of Paris (Figure 1). The moderate registration fee covers coffee breaks and a buffet lunch. Are you interested? Then please go to http://www.chembiophyschem.org for more information.

Figure 1.

Maison de la Chimie.

I look forward to seeing you in Paris!

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Peter Goelitz