• doping;
  • nanostructures;
  • photocatalysis;
  • surface chemistry;
  • water splitting
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The cover picture, based on the Full Paper by Akihide Iwase, Hideki Kato, and Akihiko Kudo on p. 873, shows photocatalytic water splitting. In their contribution, the team of scientists from the Tokyo University of Science describes how the alkaline earth metal ions Ca, Sr, and Ba are doped into a NaTaO3 photocatalyst. The doped NaTaO3 particles exhibit surface nanostep structures; the formation and structure of the surface nanosteps being controllable through the amount of dopant. Doping enhanced the photocatalytic water splitting activity of NaTaO3, and the photocatalytic activity could be improved further by loading of a NiO cocatalyst.