• carbon dioxide;
  • carboxylation;
  • industrial chemistry;
  • reduction;
  • sustainable chemistry


This Review introduces this special issue of ChemSusChem dedicated to CO2 recycling. Its aim is to offer an up-to-date overview of CO2 chemical utilization (inorganic mineralization, organic carboxylation, reduction reactions, and biochemical conversion), as a continuation and extension of earlier books and reviews on this topic, but with a specific focus on large-volume routes and projects/pilot plants that are currently emerging at (pre-)industrial level. The Review also highlights how some of these routes will offer a valuable opportunity to introduce renewable energy into the existing energy and chemical infrastructure (i.e., “drop-in” renewable energy) by synthesis of chemicals from CO2 that are easy to transport and store. CO2 conversion therefore has the potential to become a key pillar of the sustainable and resource-efficient production of chemicals and energy from renewables.