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Catalysis is a strategic field of science because it involves new ways of meeting energy and sustainability challenges. These challenges are main concerns in the context of a global vision on societal challenges and world economy, rendering green chemistry a “leitmotiv” in any project. The concept of green chemistry, which makes science of catalysis even more creative, has become an integral part of sustainability. Chemists and engineers working in these disciplines are creating scientific and technological breakthroughs that will be crucial to the future success of human society. This is only made possible by innovative discoveries from research groups all over the world. Scientists are working very hard to discover a variety of nanocatalysts to develop green and sustainable protocols, and this Special Issue on “Green Chemistry by Nanocatalysis”, with guest editors Vivek Polshettiwar and Jean-Marie Basset (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) and Didier Astruc (Univ. Bordeaux) will stimulate more research in this field.