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Seven seems to be the number of choice for ChemSusChem in 2014: we′re starting our seventh year of publication, with a journal impact factor of 7.475, and in addition the ChemPubSoc Europe/Wiley-VCH publishing programme welcomes the seventh journal in the highly successful ChemXChem series: ChemElectroChem. This Editorial discusses what′s in store for the coming year: apps, open access, Anywhere Article, and many other developments within and around the journal.

Global Issues, International Solutions

As highlighted in earlier editorials, sustainability and energy are topics that have worldwide impact. Researchers across the globe are putting in their best efforts to combat the undesirable consequences of some existing technologies, and to come up with new processes and materials to enable a more sustainable future. Through the lens of publishing, this worldwide attention is expressed by the diversity of cultures and nations with whom we interact: for example, in 2013 we received manuscripts from researchers in close to 50 nations!

The 10 countries that submitted the most manuscripts to ChemSusChem in 2013:

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 PR China

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 South Korea

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 The Netherlands

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Owing to this widespread support, the journal is great shape at the start of its seventh year of publication: the article flow is healthy and published papers are well-read by the community. Several receive coverage from academic and popular news sources alike. We fully realize that we have you, the research community, to thank for that: we highly appreciate the support you give by contributing manuscripts, referee reports, and reader feedback on published articles.

Herein, some recent developments surrounding the journal are outlined, and all of these will ensure that ChemSusChem will be better positioned to meet your needs than ever before!

OnlineOpen: Enabling Open Access to Suit your Needs

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There′s no doubt about it: open access is a very important topic for all those whose day-to-day work involves scientific research. We recognize the importance of open access, and so ChemSusChem offers, together with its sister journals from the ChemPubSoc Europe/Wiley-VCH family and other Wiley titles, the opportunity to publish your work in various open access formats through the “OnlineOpen” programme. Selecting OnlineOpen enables you to publish your work in so-called “gold” open access according to a range of Creative Commons licenses, ensuring full compliance with mandates set by your funding agency, institute policies, or your own preferences and vision on research communication. Online, you′ll be able to recognize OnlineOpen articles by the padlock symbol.

Already at this early stage of open access publishing, Wiley has developed a pricing policy that takes into account gold open access articles. In this manner, we are committed to avoiding the “double dipping” problem intrinsic to titles that offer a subscription as well as open access options. You can find more information on open access publishing options, including our fully open access sister journal ChemistryOpen, by following the OnlineOpen link on our journal homepage, and by visiting In case you have questions, just contact the Editorial Office and we′re more than happy to help you find your way!

See the Bigger Picture with ChemPubSoc Europe

Our owner societies, allied in the ChemPubSoc Europe consortium, are dedicated to delivering a high-quality programme of society-owned publications based in Europe, but aimed at the world. Listed below are some of the most recent developments surrounding ChemPubSoc Europe. Importantly, did you know that as member of one of the ChemPubSoc Europe member societies you are entitled to discounted rates on personal journal subscriptions, and to a discount when publishing in ChemistryOpen. More information is available at, or from your national chemical society.

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Top chemistry news with ChemistryViews

In addition to the journal publishing programme, ChemPubSoc Europe offers ChemistryViews, a highly informative news service dedicated to bringing you news and developments from all areas of chemical science. Daily, new stories about recent research developments go online, as well as interviews, background articles, and everything else that is of interest to researchers across the different chemistry communities. For example, the recent excellent webinar “How to Write High-Impact Research Papers”, hosted by Dr. Richard Threlfall, the editor of the Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry is available here in case you missed it—a valuable resource for young and established researchers.

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ChemElectroChem: A journal with potential

This year our new sister journal ChemElectroChem will start “officially”. During the last few months the editorial team headed by Dr. Greta Heydenrych, together with the board chaired by Bing-Wei Mao, Wolfgang Schuhmann, and Jean-Marie Tarascon, already put in lots of hard work, and this has resulted in a large number of excellent papers being already available from the journal′s Early View page. If you like to stay current, your source for the latest in electrochemistry is ChemElectroChem.

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Major Changes Online

Web first: Color figures are free!

In January 2013, ChemSusChem was among the first of Wiley-VCH′s ChemPubSoc Europe journals to make the transition to a “fully online” journal, emphasizing web publication over print. One of the first steps has been to abandon the default print run of the journal. An important consequence of this, appreciated by many authors and readers, has been that we are happy to offer the publication of color figures free of charge, removing an important barrier to publication.

Despite this prominence of electronic dissemination: If you are particularly interested in obtaining a print copy of a journal issue or individual paper, for example to commemorate a key publication or an important collaboration, please note that you are still able to order reprints of articles and issues. Please contact us for more information.

Cover Profiles: A successful new article type

Another feature that was introduced at the beginning of 2013 was the Cover Profile, a short article format designed to highlight the people behind the beautiful cover illustrations that feature prominently on the journal′s homepage and promotional materials. We learnt a lot this year about the researchers that publish with us, and what motivates and inspires them. The Cover Profile has proven so successful that, in addition to other journals that started to publish them in 2013, our sister journals Chemistry–A European Journal and ChemCatChem will also enhance the presentation of their covers by adding Cover Profiles.

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We are often asked what criteria are used when deciding whether a certain article is going to be featured on the cover. The most important ones are the scientific rating of the manuscript by the reviewers, and the quality of the cover artwork provided by the authors. We encourage the submission of cover art with manuscripts—show your creativity!

Anywhere Article

Speaking of “anywhere”: an exciting new feature that will be released soon is “Anywhere Article”. The Anywhere Article is a complete revamp of our online HTML representation of content, bringing us in line with the expectations of readers in the digital age. I personally look forward to an era in which the PDF is a useful and valuable way to read content, but not the only one. The Anywhere Article offers a unique and convenient reading experience akin to the app, and works well on screens ranging from smartphone to desktop. In addition to our dedication to scientific excellence, our long-standing emphasis on publishing articles in high technical quality, involving extensive editing of text and graphics free of charge, ensures that any ChemSusChem article you pick up looks great and reads great. Compared to current industry-standard HTML versions, the Anywhere Article version of a paper will offer:

• Less clutter: superfluous information will be removed so that you can focus on the article

• Functional presentation: the new layout and overall design allows you to scan the article for the most important information, and delve into details when you want to

• Sidebar: sidebar trays allows you easy access to important information, such as references, at any point in the reading experience, without navigating back and forth to a place on the page

• Figure browser: as well as viewing a figure in context, you can browse through all other figures in the article at the same time, and quickly navigate to each figure’s corresponding context in the article

• Mobility: the responsive HTML article will adapt to any device—desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile—to give you an optimal reading experience

Coming soon!

That′s app!

In addition to the enhanced HTML option above, you can also read ChemSusChem on your iPad! Since a few months, our app is available from the iTunes store. When using the app, you′ll be able to browse the journal in a completely new manner, offering an experience that is very different from print, and ideally suited to the new era of publishing and science communication. Browsing the journal′s content through the app offers the sort of “random encounters” with papers outside of your direct field that can stimulate new research ideas. And because the app uses roaming access, you′ll be able to read content through your institute′s subscription if your device has been on the institute′s network in the last 30 days. Check it out on the iTunes store. A great way to enjoy ChemSusChem anywhere, anytime!

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A little birdie told me…

We′re very excited to be expanding our promotion of published articles to Twitter. Starting now, @ChemSusChem will send a tweet about every article that is published online in Early View straight away. And: as an author we invite you to give direct input on how you think your article is best described in 140 characters! You can give your input at the submission, acceptance, or galley proof stage. Please do include links to your institutional or private Twitter accounts if available, and start #tagging for optimum reach and impact! So follow @ChemSusChem, and stay informed of the latest articles, important developments surrounding sustainability and energy, and just plain quirky things we notice on the web.

Last but not least: Adieu ManuscriptXPress!

One final issue deserves full attention: from February onwards, ChemSusChem will change its manuscript submission and handling system. ManuscriptXPress, which has served us well since the journal′s start but was not without its idiosyncracies, will be retired and we will change over to a new system called Editorial Manager. Closer to the switching date, we will provide you with all the information you need to ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new system.

ACES up our Sleeve

In addition to our strong ties with ChemPubSoc Europe, the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES), is a keen supporter of ChemSusChem? As mentioned above: sustainability affects us all, and building bridges between researchers on different continents is just one of the functions of scientific journals. We′re proud to be associated with ACES, whose member societies include most chemical societies in Asia, and happy about the close collaboration with their journals Chemistry–An Asian Journal and the Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry (recently indexed in Web of Knowledge!). Similar to ChemSusChem, both journals are on Twitter (@ChemAsianJ, @AsianJOrgChem) and offer an app so that you can read comfortably on your iPad. If you want to know more about the goals of ACES and its journals, visit the ACES website at, and the homepages of the journals: and

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Onto Eight and Beyond

We look forward to working with you in 2014 and beyond, providing you with the knowledge you need to advance your research and develop your understanding of energy and sustainability. Nobody can be sure what the future can bring, but what is sure is that we will be there to help you get the most out of your work!

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Guido Kemeling Editor-in-Chief ChemSusChem