CVD of Thin Titanium Dioxide Films Using Hexanuclear Titanium Oxo Carboxylate Isopropoxides


  • The authors acknowledge the Polish Committee for Science Research for financial support grant no. 4T09A 152 23.


TiO2 films can deposited at 400–600 °C on Si(111), carbon fiber (see Figure), and activated carbon grain substrates via thermal inducted CVD using [Ti6O6(OiPr)6(OOCR)6] (R = tBu (1), CH2tBu (2)) as precursors. Deposition of layers with a low content of impurities (lower than 2%) can be achieved using Ar/H2O as a carrier gas. The structure and surface morphology of films change with increasing temperature from large grain layers of anatase (TD= 440–460 °C), to close-packed crystals of rutile (TD = 580–600 °C).